GS Partners Membership Subscription

Includes: A Limited Edition NFT Voucher(28 USDT Value), GSP NFT Voucher Exchange, GSP G999 Exchange, Lydian Minting Certificates, Participation In Partner Program, Special Member-Only Promotions And More!

Over 135,000 Partners And Counting

The GSP platform is your ultimate asset wealth system. Activate your membership and start accumulating digital assets.

Free Registration
$ 0 Monthly
  • Start your MetaPortfolio
  • Order GS Lifestyle Cards
  • Collect MetaCertificates
  • Join the community
Active Partnership
$ 33 Monthly
  • Earn from your referrals
  • Get training and mentorship
  • Eligible for Bonuses and Multipliers
  • Earn Business Ranking

General Information

Share the GSP platform with others using your referral link and start enrolling others and building your team today!

Earn 15% On your referred customer & member purchases.

Get paid in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT instantly!

Build your MetaPortfolio and start compounding your gains!

GS Partners is free to register and $33 per month to participate in the income earning model.

It is not necessary to sell any of the metaverse products.  You can earn simply by loading your meta certificates and allowing time to pass.

You can earn income from sharing your GS Partners referral link and be paid in USDT, BTC, and ETH daily.

GS Lifestyle Cards allow you to spend your crypto in most places that access Mastercard.  Convert crypto to fiat in seconds.

The G999 Blockchain has functions that allow decentralized communication.  The app is available at the Google Play and Apple App stores.

Every paid subscription allows access to the Blockchain Academy where new users can learn about crypto.

Yes.  Your sponsor is your firs level of contact.  He/She can assist you or direct you to the proper support channel.

All new members must use an affiliate link to register an account. You will be assigned a sponsor when registering your account from this site.