Start your crypto blockfolio and earn weekly, monthly, and quarterly rewards on your purchases.

Unlock the potential of your assets with Metaverse Certificates! Experience the thrill of seeing your crypto capital grow as you enjoy the flexibility of weekly withdrawals or the opportunity to compound your rewards. Step into the exciting realm of Metaverse Certificates and watch your wealth flourish!

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About The Certificates

52 Week Payback Program

Introducing the Meta Certificate series, your ticket to a lucrative opportunity to grow your crypto blockfolio! With generous weekly, monthly, and quarterly rewards, this certificate series grows your crypto faster than ever before. Whether you're an experienced buyer or just starting out, the Meta Certificate is accessible to everyone with amounts ranging from as little as 150 USDT up to 100,000 USDT.

Easy To Setup
Stable Rewards

Weekly Payouts

Once MetaPortfolio MAX load is achieved:

Weekly Payout

Weekly certificate rewards are paid against the price of the product. Rate of Reward depends on the industry chosen during load.

Monthly & Quarterly Payouts

BlockFolio is managed over a contract period. Typically 18, 24, and 36 Months.

Bonuses and Promotions

Promotional Bonuses for Meta Certificates are exclusively available to members and are disbursed upon the completion of the blockfolio term.

Defined Term Limits

At the end of the certificate term, bonuses and industry loads are unlocked and paid in internal company tokens that can be exchanged into USDT for a small fee.

Why own a certificate?

There are several potential advantages to owning an product that produces a weekly and monthly reward that can be withdrawn or compounded. Newer certificates may experience MPS protection when exchanging currencies.

High Return Low Risk

Regular weekly rewards have the potential to result in significant gains over time. Moreover, the compounding of these gains can significantly accelerate the growth of your blockfolio.


MPS protection is in place to ensure the ecosystem's security, and it includes a withholding period of 13 months for up to 50% of the rewards. This withholding period gives certificate owners the flexibility to decide whether to withdraw their rewards or compound them.


Owning a product that generates weekly and monthly rewards can help diversify a blockfolio and reduce risks. Some blockfolios are dynamic in nature and could change.


The time periods provide a longer horizon, which can potentially result in more stable rewards.

Partnership Program

Networking Opportunity

If you use this product and understand its benefits, you can earn income by promoting it to your network. Earn up to 15% on your referrals.

Earning Potential

Those who refer others to the product can eran income from our networking plan. It can provide an additional source of income.

Financial Education

Assisting others in enhancing their circumstances and achieving their objectives is a noble endeavor. It's worth emphasizing that financial education plays a pivotal role in achieving and maintaining financial stability.

Business Growth

Cultivating connections with like-minded individuals who share your interests can open doors to potential future business ventures and collaborative opportunities.

Personal Growth

Engaging in networking provides a platform for enhancing communication and interpersonal skills, which hold significant value in both personal and professional contexts.

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More details on the Certificates

Learn why the certificates are powerful instruments that help grow your income.

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Metaverse Certificates

Before you can purchase any certificate, you will need to set up a free account and complete a one-time KYC. All 'Register' buttons will start the account creation process, which will also link you to your sponsor.


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To get started, please register for a free account. Once your account is created, you can fund it with USDT, Bitcoin, Tron, or Ethereum, then use cryptocurrency to purchase the certificate.
There are limit for withdrawals but not deposits. Each member's profile will be subject to an automatic (DSCA) and an (AML) review. In the case where the review is questionable, a manual authorisation will take precedence.

This manual authorisation can take up to 48 hours, during regular business hours. The member will be contacted, via our support team, if this Manual authorisation is implemented.

This security precaution is in place in order to allow for (DSCA)and (AML) process to be completed in accordance with the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act 2017:630 with the Stockholm County Administrative Board as Supervisory Authority for AML/ CFT purposes.
The user will be eligible for Payback Rewards once the initial industry sector is filled to its maximum load and maintained at 100%. Once filled, the terms of the certificate will begin. The Available Reward MUST be actioned as either a WITHDRAWAL or as a COMPOUND.
(Based on Public Information published on We are Swiss Valorem Bank. Technology and Finance, in real time. SWISS VALOREM BANK LTD A CLASS PRIVATE BANKING LICENSE LICENSE NR: L11863 /SVB REGISTER NR: 11863 Forex Market,and electronic wallet payment processing Provider: IBBP PAY SERVICES LTD. Republic of Kazakhstan BIN NR: 210440025439 Crypto OTC Service Provider: COINX24 AG (CHE-297.019.613), A SWISS-REGULATED COMPANY, BEING UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF VQF (SELF-REGULATORY ORGANISATION), MEMBERSHIP NUMBER 100929, OFFICIALLY RECOGNISED BY THE SWISS FINANCIAL MARKET SUPERVISORY AUTHORITY (FINMA)
Goldbackers is an organization under the banner of the Gold Standard (GRP), comprising independent affiliates committed to fostering education, fostering innovative ideas, and providing opportunities to nurture and safeguard wealth. It's important to note that we do not offer financial advisory services, nor do we operate as a financial program. While the products we endorse are not created by Goldbackers or its affiliates, we actively utilize and appreciate the benefits they offer, as detailed.
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