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Join our exclusive social networking community where we blend the power of affiliate marketing with personal development. Our members benefit from income-generating opportunities through affiliate links, access to top-tier education programs, valuable networking connections, and a focus on personal growth. Discover a platform that empowers you to achieve financial success while becoming the best version of yourself. Join us today and embark on this transformative journey toward a brighter future!

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About Goldbackers

Forging a New Path

At GSG, we believe in the transformative power of education and income-earning opportunities. We're here to help you reshape your ideas, break free from limitations, and forge a brighter future. Through our educational programs and income generation strategies, we empower you to build a life you've always envisioned. Join our community today and start the journey towards a new and prosperous future.

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Live Virtual Trainings

Weekly Zoom Calls

Join us for weekly industry calls where we delve into the latest trends and educate our members on potential opportunities in the ever-evolving landscape.

Access to Defi Staking

VIP monthly subscribers enjoy the added benefit of receiving a complimentary NFT for staking within The 80/20 Social Ecosystem.

Become a Digital Influencer

Let GSG be your partner in promoting DeFi, AI, and other fascinating technologies through our dedicated partner programs.

Advanced Trainings

Gain invaluable knowledge from experts in fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Trading, Cryptocurrency, and more.

Become a Paying Member

Becoming a paying member unlocks premium benefits, exclusive resources, and enhanced support, ensuring you maximize your potential and success within our community.

Discord Access

Paying members enjoy exclusive access to our private Discord community, where they can connect with peers, access valuable insights, and receive expert guidance, enhancing their journey towards income generation and personal development.

Patreon Group

For those who prefer Patreon, you'll enjoy an exclusive community space tailored to your preferences, fostering connections, sharing insights, and receiving expert guidance on your path to income generation and personal development.

Business Partnerships

Join us as a VIP or Lifetime member, and take a pivotal role in our dynamic partnerships, driving growth and success together.

Gated Access

With the 80/20 Social DeFi System, asset holders enjoy an even greater array of perks and exclusive access opportunities.


Prerequisites To Join

We welcome individuals who meet these prerequisites to become a part of our vibrant community. Before joining, please ensure you meet the following:

Genuine Interest

Embodies an unwavering and passionate commitment to DeFi, AI, and emerging technologies. This genuine interest will drive progress in the ever-evolving landscape of these industries.


See every encounter as an opportunity for growth, every collaboration as a chance to expand horizons, and every unfamiliar idea as a potential source of innovation.


Pledge to engage and make meaningful contributions to our community. It signifies a resolute dedication to actively participate and contribute, creating a dynamic synergy that propels our collective endeavors forward.


Distinct membership tiers, reflect the diverse range of opportunities and benefits available. This tiered approach allows for flexibility and inclusivity within our community. .

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